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Color Temperature:
3200K (5600K)

LF300 it’s a powerful new theatre spots with LED technology.

It use 300W single LED, aim to replace the traditional spot light. LF300 can run a constant power and be controlled by DMX, it offers superb and smooth dimming and an even field of light.

It including a filter frame and barndoor.


• Power Consumption: Max. 390W

• LED: 300W Cool 5600K, or Warm White 3200K

• Feature : with zoom by manual

• LED Life time: over 50,000 hours

• Small volume, lightweight

• High quality optical system

• Beam Angel: 15-50°Manual zoom

• High-quality optical system  , Glass reflector

• Control Mode: DMX, Auto run and Master/Slave

• DMX Channels: 1/3 CH

• Housing: Plastic, Color: Black

• IP Rating: IP20

Dimensions : 580x320x320mm

Poids : 8,5 kg


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Vente : 1490,00 CHF

Studio Panel Led Scala 200 CW-ww, 100% silent


Consommation: 200W

CRI : 98

Angle d'ouverture : 120°

LED 1120 Led SMD 3200k e 1120 led SMD 5700k.

MD LED (0.5Wx1120pcs 3200K LED,

0.5Wx1120pcs 5600K LED)

Canaux DMX: 2

Protection : IP20

Dimensions: 520 x 382 x 105 mm

Poids : 7kg


Vente : 920,00 CHF

Studio Panel Led Scala 100 CW-WW


Alimentation: AC100-240V,50/60Hz
Consommation: 200W
Type  led: SMD 3200K- 5700K CRI90
Nombre Led: Array 560 +560 
Color rendering: CRI >90 Ra
Angle d'ouverture : 120°
Canaux DMX: 3
luminosité: 8,800 lm
Protection : IP20
DMX 512: Connecteur 3-pin XLR IN/OUT
Dimensions (LxWxH): 408 x 341 x 102 mm
Poids: 4.5kg


Vente : 730,00 CHF

Futurelight Profile 200, 15-28°


Color temperature: 3300 K

Power consumption:230 W

Number of DMX channels:1/2

LED type:200 W WW COB

Gobo outside/image diameter:85 mm/60 mm

Dimensions:745 x 276 x 277 mm


Vente : 1660,00 CHF

EUROLITE LED SL-350 DMX Search Light


Suitable for a projection area of up to 30 meters

Projecteur poursuite, LED 300 W blanc froid pour moyennes distances



Puissance totale de raccordement: 440W

LED:1 x COB (Chip-on-board) 300 W

Canaux DMX:6

Angle de départ:10°



OPTION Flight : 470,00 CHF (sans roues)


Vente : 2400,00 CHF

Set : 2760,00 CHF

Eurolite, SL-400 DMX Search Light


Operable in manual mode or via DMX

DMX512 control possible via any commercial DMX controller (occupies 6 channels).

Suitable for a projection area of up to 30 meters

Manual control via control panel with buttons and faders

Color wheel with 5 different, dichroic color filters and open

Strobe effect with adjustable speed (1-20 flashes/sec.)

Four correction filters: CTB, cyan, magenta, yellow

Steplessly adjustable iris from 5-100%

Dimmer for stepless adjustment of the light-output brightness between 0 % and 100 %

Manual zoom (from 7° to 13°)

Equipped with 1 x 300 W LED

Power connection via P-Con socket and included power cable

Weight:12 kg


Option Flight : 795,00 CHF


Vente : 3300,00 CHF

Followspot HMI


Mise au point : de 10 à 30 degrés
Lampe : HMI 575 W DE Osram (80901O)
Dimensions : 840 x 300 x 250 mm (L x l x h)
Poids : 18 kg


Prix de vente :



Option : Lampe SFc-10, Osram décharge 575W. = 162,00 CHF



Power consumption:150 W

Power consumption:150 W

Color temperature:2500K - 5700K adjustable

DMX channels:2; 4; 5; 7

Beam angle:17°

Weight:3.7 kg


Vente : 575,00 CHF

LED THA-250F Théâtre Spot


Power supply:100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz ~

Power consumption:265 W

DMX control channels:3

DMX512 connection:5-pin and 3-pin XLR

Type of LEDs:COB 200 W, white

Color temperature:2800 K

Beam angle:13-45°

Dimensions (LxWxH):457 x 336 x 399 mm

Weight:9.2 kg


Vente : 1450,00 CHF

LED THA-250F 2700K-6500K Théâtre Spot


DMX channels:4/5

LED type: 1 COB 250W CW

Color temperature:2700-6500 K

Beam angle:6-25°

Dimensions (L x W x H):435 x 275 x 385 mm

Equipment:Zoom motor-driven

Weight:10 kg


Vente : (1550,00 CHF)


EUROLITE LED THA-150F Theater-Spot


Fresnel spot, dim to warm, 170 W warm white/amber LED, CRI > 90, quiet, DMX


Power consumption:150 W

LED:1 x COB (chip-on-board) 170 W Dim to warm (homogenous color mix).

DMX channels:2; 6; 7

Control:DMX, RDM

Equipment:Zoom motor-driven

Beam angle:8 - 55°

IP classification:IP20



Vente : 1190,00 CHF



Spannungsversorgung:100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Gesamtanschlusswert:85 W


LED:1 x COB (Chip-on-board) 100 W 2in1 BCL CW/WWFarbtemperatur:2500K - 5700K einstellbar

DMX-Kanäle:2; 4; 5; 7


Gewicht:2,7 kg


Vente : 325,00 CHF

Eurolite, FS-600,Spot GKV-600 bk
Option Lampe :G-9.5 250h 3200K
disponible:  19 ou 36 degrés

Profile spotlight with shutter blades for GKV 600 halogen lamp

Power consumption:600 W

Dimensions:540 x 240 x 390 mm

Weight:6 kg

Delivery includes filter-frame



Option: Lampe G-9.5 250h 3200K  (39,00.-)


Vente : 425,00 CHF

FS-600/26° Spot GKV-600 Silver

Power consumption:600 W

Dimensions:540 x 240 x 390 mm

Weight:6 kg

Delivery includes filter-frame


Vente : (460,00 CHF)


Eurolite, PLL-480 CW/WW


Power supply:110-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:205 W

LED:480 x SMD 0,5 W CW/WW (homogenous color mix)

Color temperature:3200K - 5600K

DMX channels:5

Beam angle:120°

Weight:12 kg



Vente : 860,00 CHF

Eurolite, PLL-360 6000K Panel

Available in color temperatures of 3200 K and 6000 K


Milky diffuser provides a homogeneous and soft continuous light without flickering

4 dimmer speeds selectable

Flicker-free projection

LED beam angle:120°

LED type:SMD 0.5 W

LED number: 360

Power consumption:130 W

Dimensions (L x W x H):120 x 570 x 310 mm

Weight:6 kg



Vente : 640,00 CHF

SET  4 Projecteurs théâtrale Atomicpro Scala 200cob RGBW + Sac transport

Type de led: 200W COB Citizen RGBW

Optic: 150mm Fresnel

Angle d'ouverture : 14° a 60°

DMX Channel : 5

Dimensions : (LxWxH): 360 x 270 x 427 mm


Prix : sur demande